Wisconsin's Rejani Raveendran announces Senate bid

Raveendran will face Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin in the State

Madhu Balaji

India-born college student Rejani Raveendran has announced her candidacy for the US Senate in Wisconsin, becoming the first Republican contender against Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin.

In a recent interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Raveendran said she was disappointed with the current happenings in the country. “Unfortunately looking at our country's current stage, I can confidentially say that Washington DC needs new people with new ideas!.... So I decided to run for US Senate to bring the perspective of Regular People and Regular Moms to Washington," Raveendran said in an official statement.

The current chair of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College Republicans, said her election campaign will focus on securing the border and cracking down on illicit drugs like fentanyl, stopping illegal immigration and advocating for medical freedom, citing her opinion against forced vaccinations. She will also focus on introducing bills to protect children from sex trafficking.

During her visit to Washington DC as part of her bachelor's degree in political science and a certificate program in international relations in the spring of 2023, Raveendran happened to meet a lot of politicians, and policymakers, which motivated her to run for elections.

In terms of political alignment, Raveendran revealed her support for former President Donald Trump in the 2016 and 2020 elections and reaffirmed her backing for his candidacy in 2024.

A mother of three, Raveendran immigrated to the US in 2011 from India. She became a US citizen in 2015 and resided in California before moving to Wisconsin in 2017. She will graduate with a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point next year.

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