Sanjay Singh elected to International Myeloma Foundation board

Singh is a myeloma survivor and a veteran in the finance industry

Yasmin Tinwala

Indian American myeloma survivor and global finance and strategy leader, Sanjay Singh, was elected to the board of directors ​of th​​e International Myeloma Foundation headquartered in California, an official statement noted.

A veteran at Procter & Gamble, Singh has more than 30 years of experience as the chief financial officer and strategic business experience at some of the world’s leading consumer product and retail brands.

His personal battle with multiple myeloma served as the inspiration to become a passionate advocate for accessible and equitable patient care for those with a similar condition, he told IMF in an interview.

“I hope to bring to the Board my unique perspective as a patient who has experienced the myeloma journey firsthand and has benefited from leading-edge research in the treatment of this condition,” said Singh who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in September 2021. He was treated at the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital and two years later, he is in complete remission.

S​ingh said he was blessed to be living in the U.S. and near UPenn, where he was able to sign up for clinical trial and had the means to afford the treatment as well as take time off to focus on healing. He realized that the absence of these benefits would have led to a different outcome and the “humbling realization” has compelled him to “pay forward the privilege.” Blurb: Sanjay Singh, a myeloma survivor and a 30-year veteran in the finance industry hopes to bring to the board his perspective as a patient who has benefited from pioneering research in his treatment.

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