Indian documentary wins at ‘WHO's Health for All Film Festival’

Vandita Sarjya's award-winning documentary, 'When climate change turns violent,' exposes the intersection of gender-based violence and climate change.

Indian flimmaker Vandita Sarjya’s documentary, ‘When climate change turns violent’ won the special prize in the Climate Change and Health Film category at the 4th Annual Health for All Film Festival conducted in Geneva.

The festival showcased 93 shortlisted films from across the world, exploring a wide range of health-related topics such as anxiety, depression, climate change's impact on health, and the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. The films were evaluated by a distinguished panel of professionals, artists, and activists, who dedicated their expertise to select the most impactful and thought-provoking entries.

Vandita Sariya’s 4-minute 32-second documentary sheds light on the intersection of gender-based violence and climate change. The documentary effectively portrays the alarming consequences of climate change on vulnerable communities, particularly women, and highlights the urgent need for action.


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