Adil Hussain wins ‘Best Actor’ award

Adil Hussain wins Best Actor for 'Footprints on Water' and 'Max Min Meozaki' at Indo-German Film Week 2023

Renowned Bollywood and Assamese actor Adil Hussain won the Best Actor award for two of his films, ‘Footprints on Water’ and ‘Max Min Meozaki’ at the Indo-German film week, 2023.

‘Footprints on Water’ also won the best debut film at the festival, while ‘Max Min Meozaki’ won the Best Film award. Both these works starring Hussain had earlier won several awards at the New York Indian Film Festival and the United Kingdom Asian Film Festival.

The thriller ‘Footprints on Water’, directed by Nathalia Syam, focuses on an immigrant father who entered the UK illegally. He looks for his missing daughter while trying to avoid the police radar. This film opens at the Ottawa India Film Festival on June 13.

On the other hand, the comedy flick, ‘Max Min Meozaki’ is about Max and Min who are about to break up. They debate about the distribution of their belongings, which includes their cat named Meowzaki, named after their favourite filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki. Directed by M. Padmakumar, the film is set for its UK premiere on June 25.

Hussain tweeted, “Thrilled to announce and Grateful to IndoGerman FilmWeek for Best Actor Award for two of my films #FootPrintsOnWater awarded the Best Debut Film by Nathalia Syam and #MaxMinMeozaki awarded Best Film by Padmakumar M."

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