English Heritage unveils blue plaque to honor Sophia Duleep Singh

The blue plaque has been erected at Faraday House which was Sophia Duleep Singh's residence for five decades.

The London home of British Indian Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, best known for campaigning for women’s rights, has been recognised with a Blue Plaque on May 26, 2023. Bestowed by English Heritage, the blue plaques link the people of the past with the buildings of the present as a sign of remembrance since 1866.

The organization erected the plaque at Faraday House in London where Singh resided for over five decades. The Princess along with her sisters Bamba and Catherine was granted use of Faraday House in Hampton Court for their lifetimes in 1896. It was also her base during the years she campaigned for women’s suffrage.

“The thing about history is women too often fall through the cracks and women of colour plummet through those cracks and this is the woman upon whose shoulders we all stand. Because of her, because of women like her fighting for our right to vote, we have a democracy in this country where women have a say. We owe her and it’s a debt that I don’t think can ever be repaid,” said historian, Anita Anand in response to what the plaque means to her. Anand is also the author of Singh’s biography titled Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary published in 2015.

Granddaughter of British political activist Emmeline Pankhurst, activist and academic Helen Pankhurst responded to the question by saying, “It is important to me because I think Sophia’s story is amazing in and of itself because of the link between her journey, the personal and the political, her link to key issues but also because she resonates with people today because of issues of identity.” Singh and Emmeline worked together during the suffragette movement. Helen and Anand were both present at Faraday House during the unveiling of the plaque which was announced in February 2023.              

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