India dropped from UN’s Children in Armed Conflict list

India was excluded from UN annual report on impact of armed conflict on children due to proactive measures taken by the government

In a significant achievement for India, it has been excluded from the United Nations annual report on the impact of armed conflict on children, as a result of the proactive measures implemented by the Indian Government to enhance the protection of children.

According to a release, India was being mentioned in the report of the Secretary-General on Children and armed conflict since 2010. Allegations against the country, included the recruitment of boys by armed groups in Jammu and Kashmir, detainment of boys by Indian security forces, children being killed and maimed by Indian security forces, and incidents of crossfire involving unidentified perpetrators.

According to the government, active efforts to remove India’s name from the list of countries in the report were ongoing since an inter-ministerial meeting was held with key officials and UN representatives in November 2021.

Key decisions made by the government in this regard, included the appointment of a national focal point, a visit by the UN technical team and a workshop on child protection in Jammu and Kashmir with the participation of the relevant ministries and the United Nations. Additionally, the Ministry for Women and Child Development developed a comprehensive roadmap for cooperation on child protection.

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