Namaste France Festival to spotlight Indian cultural landscape

Amjad Ali Khan and his sons Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash, Ricky Kej, and Dr L. Subramaniam are some of the artists who are a part of Namaste France's artists lineup.

The Namaste France Festival scheduled to take place from July 6-9, 2023 will celebrate 25 years of the strategic partnership between India and France. It is being organized at the La Seine Musicale, a music and performing arts centre in France by the Embassy of India in Paris with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of India.

The festival is a reciprocation of the declaration of enhancing cultural exchanges and people-to-people contacts, made jointly by PM Narendra Modi and President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron in 2019 during the former’s official state visit, as per the press release. It will bring together prominent performing and visual artists as well as Indian artisans with an aim to offer “an extraordinary feast of the senses across India’s rich cultural diversity.”

Namaste France will also seek to advance interpersonal ties between the populations of both countries. Events to be showcased have been selected to present a balanced image of present-day India and the country’s ancient cultural heritage. Yoga workshops, Bollywood dance tutorials, classical arts, folk, photography sessions, crafts, and gastronomic experiences will offer an immersive look at the Indian cultural landscape.

Amjad Ali Khan and his sons Amaan and Ayaan Ali Bangash, Ricky Kej, and Dr L. Subramaniam are some of the artists in the lineup. Mohiniattam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, and qawwali performances, are part of the programming.

Speaking to New India Abroad, Amjad Ali Khan said,  "It’s a matter of great honor for me to perform for Namaste France at LaSeineMusicale on July 9 in Paris. Keeping India’s ethos of traditions and legacies alive, I feel so honoured to perform on this momentous occasion. India and France have such a long history. It’s so wonderful that we celebrate that bond through music, art and culture. Like cosmic divinity, music knows no barriers or boundaries."

His son Ayaan Ali Bangash said, "Its so rare to have a festival that show cases artists & artisans through dance, music, crafts bazaar, exhibitions and workshops all together. Celebrating the historic relationship of india and France, I am so honoured to join my father and brother on stage in Paris at LaSeineMusicale. I feel blessed to be a humble custodian of Indias musical legacy." Amaan Ali also expressed his eagerness to perform at the festival.

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