Envisioning the prospects of “NaMo- Biden Meet” One More Time

The writer Dr. Uma Maheswari is a Professor and Head of the Dept. of Politics and Public Administration at University of Madras

Guest Writer

As the time is ticking , the “ NaMo – Joe Biden” meet on June 22,2023 has tickled the minds of people across the globe with a pop up question, ”What’s Up Now”. Both the leaders have frequently met in the recent past ascertaining the fact that relations between them has over a period of time become strong, stable and amicable amidst the turbulence in International Politics. The intimacy shown by PM Modi and President Biden in various international forums has also exhibited the “ trust ”of one nation on the other. Probably that is the reason  that they are referred as “ Global Strategic Partners ”. The proposed International Yoga day celebrations in US has created just enough buzz amongst the Indian Diaspora in US with news consumption by plethora of media platforms .

The  forthcoming prestigious State Visit by Indian Prime Minister will be a momentous occasion as PM Modi will be the first PM to address the joint meeting of the US Congress for the second time. Hence an obvious speculation that the bonding of two leaders is poised to change the political landscape in both democracies as they are having an  Election  Season in 2024. In this backdrop it becomes quite natural that leadership style and Diplomacy is going to further enhance the relationship necessitating  a comprehensive understanding of the ascending dynamics of both countries in international affairs today.

To rightly appreciate the credentials of PM Modi, the words of historian Ramachandra Guha comes to mind: “Modi is unquestionably popular as he is genuinely self made , brilliant orator and exceptionally intelligent and crafty man”. Similarly President Biden with a long career in politics has firmly believed that the association with PM Modi in QUAD  and other global engagements will make India “a steadfast regional ally ”. Both the leaders in their prime positions in domestic and world Politics are at a stage to transform the  level of  friendship between the people of US and India.

It will be of no surprise that this meet could be an add-on to their political career influencing and impacting the electoral politics in both nations. The people of both  countries are cautiously monitoring the outcome of this visit in terms of economic, technological and defence support. If President Biden and PM Modi by their good fortune continue their leadership post elections they will be in a position to transcend and build resilient bilateral relations.

The US under Biden  is currently  focused in maintaining the “ basic form of the diplomatic game”  and simultaneously advocating the need to promote strategic commercial and security relations with India.  Biden’s global diplomatic efforts along with PM Modi’s innate cultural diplomacy strides have indeed helped to carve out a niche for themselves in international relations. The  US government strongly  believes in  being a critical partner  in steering India to a robust future. To validate this , the US has emerged as India’s biggest trading partner  in 2022-23 and both are working closely at multilateral organisations, including G20, WTO etc. Both have joined as partners on the  Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for prosperity and play a vital role in ensuring a free ,open and rules bound Indo- Pacific Region. It is  viewed as” one of the defining partnership of the 21st century”.

President Joe Biden has appointed more than 130 Indian Americans to key positions in his administration. More than twenty Indian Americans are leading top US companies. The bringing together of two countries and their representatives reflects the vision and mission of both the experienced Political Executives. The conversation between them matters not only for the individual nations but for the world in particular. Both share common concerns about rising and encroaching China and inter-connectedness of Indian and Pacific  Ocean. Although Russia has been a most reliable partner for India , its relationship with US is purely based on the rationale of mutually beneficial cooperation in the current global scenario. Recognising and realising the realities before them both the leaders have accommodated the interests of both countries in all their agreements and policy programs.

This “NaMo Visit” will clearly pave the way of turning the differences of the two countries to their utmost advantage and push it for further sustainable relationship. There are certain sensitive and complicated issues in examining the bilateral relations of US and India. Yet, the largest democracy has to be with the strongest democracy to ensure regional peace and security and to keep pace with the changing nature of International order. The theme for International Yoga day this year is “ Humanity”.

Hoping the coming together of two great leaders with their defining characteristics  will keep the humankind safe and secure , prevent conflicts and communicate a holistic perspective to  the  world for the future. It would be a “MoJoe”  in international relations encouraging  global leadership with global mindset.

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