Drama and Comedy preferred genres among South Asian diaspora in US

According to the ZEE5 global report most South Asian diaspora prefer drama and comedy genre which have recorded a 35 percent hike in viewership.

Bhavana P

ZEE5 Global's insights, a market leader in the category and the streaming platform with the broadest reach into the South Asian diaspora globally provided an insight into the watching habits of the group in the US region, revealing that drama and comedy are the top performing genres on the platform currently. According to a release, these genres have seen a 35 percent year-over-year rise in viewership from all demographics and linguistic backgrounds. Romance, thrillers, and reality TV categories closely follow. Archana Anand, chief business officer at ZEE5 Global said, "At ZEE5 Global, we take great pride in providing our South Asian audiences with diverse genres to choose from in every language. I’m glad to see how our titles in the drama, comedy, and romance genres across languages have resonated deeply with viewers across countries. Our viewership is growing at a rapid pace, and we will continue to provide our diaspora audiences with the content they crave.” Since 2022, dramas have become the most popular genre, with a 38 percent rise in viewers since 2022. In the first two quarters of 2023, the genre accounted for 60 percent of platform viewership. ZEE5 Originals like Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai, Tarla, Ayali, Taj: Divided by Blood, and Vyavastha are the ones that are in the spotlight for the genre.


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