Foreign CBSE schools record drop in Class 12 pass percent

There are 240 CBSE-affiliated schools in 26 countries around the world.

The results for CBSE students who took their class 12 exams this year between February 15 and April 5 were released on May 12. Concerningly, schools registered an overall pass percentage of 87.33 percent, a considerable decrease from 92.71 percent in 2022.

In the case of performance of students studying in CBSE-affiliated schools abroad, the numbers appear to be‌‌ slightly better, despite them registering a dip in pass percentage as well. According to the board, the overall pass percentage in these schools was 92.59 as compared to 93.98 in 2022.

As per a statement issued by CBSE after the recent results, 19,607 students had registered for the examination out of which only 19,420 appeared, and 17,981 managed to pass. In 2022, 18,784 students had appeared for the examination out of which 17,644 passed. According to the board,‌‌ there are 240 schools in 26 countries affiliated with them.

“I would like to tell those bright youngsters who feel they could have done better in the Class XII exams - you have so much more to look forward to in the coming times. One set of exams doesn’t define you. Harness your talents in areas you are passionate about. You will shine!” tweeted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Hours after the results were declared, PM Modi spoke about an imminent shift in the education landscape after the new National Education Policy (NEP) was introduced. “Earlier we used to give just ‘kitaabi gyan’ (bookish knowledge) to our students, but this will change with the introduction of the new education policy,” he said while addressing teachers at the 29th biennial educational conference, organized by the All Indian Primary Teachers Federation in‌‌ Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The PM emphasized that the NEP will focus on imparting practical-based education.

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