US Mission hosts Student Visa Day

The mission is gearing up for a record number of student visa applications during the summer of 2023.

The US Mission in India held its seventh annual Student Visa Day nationwide on June 7. Consular Officers from New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai conducted interviews with nearly 3,500 Indian student visa applicants, a news release noted.

"Student Visa Day recognizes the enduring educational connections between the United States and India," the embassy said adding that it acknowledges the significant contribution of Indian students to the U.S. academic landscape. With over 200,000 Indian students currently enrolled in U.S. academic institutions, they constitute more than 20 per cent of the total international student population in the United States.

Congratulating the visa receipients, Ambassador Eric Garcetti said, “I first came to India as a young student, and I’ve seen in my own life how transformative these experiences can be."

“Student exchange is at the heart of U.S.-India relations, and with good reason.  A U.S. education provides students with a world-class education and access to a global network of knowledge, laying the foundation for a lifetime of understanding.  That’s why we are here today, to encourage these opportunities for as many Indian students as possible," he added.

“Last year, a record-breaking 125,000 Indians were issued student visas, which is more than were issued to any other nationality.  One out of every five student visas were issued in India last year. This year, we will interview more students than ever before.” remarked Brendan Mullarkey, the acting Minister Counselor for Consular Affairs in India.

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