Indo-US naval exercise "SALVEX" concludes in Kochi

The exercise lasted for 11 days from June 26- July 6.

A 11-day military exercise between the US and Indian Navy was conducted at Kochi to improve operational coordination and interoperability. The seventh edition of the Salvage and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) drill, SALVEX concluded on July 6.

Joint salvage and EOD drills between the two navies have been going on since 2005. Both sides sent frontline warships such as the INS Nireekshak and USNS Salvor, as well as Specialist Diving and EOD teams, a news release stated.

The diving teams from both nations trained together for various aspects of EOD Operations on land and at sea over the course of ten days while exchanging knowledge on maritime salvage. To improve interoperability, cohesion, and the sharing of best practices between Maritime Salvage and EOD operations, joint training exercises were also conducted at SALVEX.

According to the release, the diving teams' skill sets in a variety of varied disciplines, including mine detection and neutralization, wreck discovery, and salvage, were improved through constructive operational engagements.

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