Manipuri film set to premiere at Shanghai International film festival

"Joseph ki Macha" to premiere at Shanghai International Film Festival on June 13, competing for the Golden Goblet Award.

Manipuri feature film, ‘Joseph ki Macha’ (Joseph's Son) by the acclaimed filmmaker Haobam Paban Kumar, is set to premiere at the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival. The film is India’s sole entry in the festival and has a runtime of 83 minutes.

Asia's largest international film festival and China's longest-running international film festival is scheduled to be held from June 9 to June 18.

Co-produced by the National Film Development Corporation and Haobam's own production firm, Oli Picture, Joseph ki Macha is based on a short story by Sudhir Naoroibam, a Sahitya Akademi (India's National Academy of Letters) award-winning writer.

The film delves into the pervasive fear and uncertainty that grips the lives of Manipur's residents due to armed conflict and ethnic divisions. It follows the protagonist, Joseph (portrayed by Guru Rewben Mashangva), as he embarks on a journey to find his missing son through a landscape marked by desolation and turmoil.

"Joseph ki Macha" is scheduled to be screened on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, at the Shanghai Film Art Centre. The film will compete with 11 other international films for the prestigious 2023 Golden Goblet Award.

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