University of Adelaide to strengthen India’s agricultural sector

The project focuses on identifying critical and emerging job roles within the agricultural sector.

The University of Adelaide has announced a new project to meet the needs of India’s emerging agricultural sector. Supported by a substantial $1.8 million funding grant from the Australian Government, the project focuses on identifying critical and emerging job roles within the agricultural sector, which require advanced practices to address India's evolving agricultural skills requirements.

As part of the project, an association comprising esteemed partners from the vocational training and agriculture sectors in Australia and India has been established under the leadership of the University.  Skills Impact, Central Queensland University, the National Skills Foundation of India, and the Agricultural Skills Council of India are members of the association.

Dr Tamara Jackson, a senior research fellow associated with the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at the University of Adelaide, has taken up the role of the lead researcher. Recognizing it as a significant chance to contribute to enhancing the skills and capabilities of India's agricultural workforce, Jackson emphasized the project's potential to foster valuable connections and collaborations between the agricultural sectors of both nations.

“This project will research, design and deliver pilot training products, in partnership with stakeholders from the Australian international education sector and Australian and Indian agriculture sectors,” Jackson said. “This training will help meet India’s emerging agricultural skills needs and provide connections for Australian education providers while strengthening the bilateral relationship by developing skills for a critical industry,” she added.

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