Big Brother US gets first Sikh houseguest

The Washington D.C. resident said he will use the big platform to represent his culture and community

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Sikh American Jag Bhains is among the 17 contestants on the 25th season of Big Brother, a reality television show in which the housemates compete and co-exist in an isolated house for a prize money of ​ US $750,000. The first episode was broadcast on CBS on August 2, 2023. ​

An Omak, Washington D.C. resident and the owner of a truck company, Bains is the first Sikh houseguest in the history of the show. "I am beyond thrilled that I will be stepping into the world of Big Brother 25 as a houseguest! Words cannot express the level of excitement I am feeling as I embark on this incredible journey in the Big Brother house this summer!” the 25-year-old, who also works as a real-estate agent, wrote in an Instagram post.

Jared, Kirsten, Felicia and Cory are the four nominees #BB25

— Big Brother Daily (@BB_Updates) August 3, 2023

O​n being the first person from the Sikh community, to enter the Big Brother house, he said “As the first-ever Sikh on the show, I feel truly honored, humbled, and blessed. I'm deeply grateful for this opportunity to represent my community and share my story with the world.”

W​hile not much is known about Bains other than his participation in the Special Olympics USA Games Orlando 2022, his story is about to unfold in front of millions of viewers through his participation in the show. As per a report, Season 24’s premiere episode was watched by 3.7 million viewers. ​

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