UP teen chairs Girl Up teen advisory board

Girl Up's "by girls, for girls" mission is key to the Teen Advisory Board.

Bhavana P

Girl Up, a UN initiative to promote gender equity driven by young changemakers, has announced the next cohort of 24 youth leaders who will serve on its 2023-2024 Teen Advisory board. As per the announcement an Indian girl from Uttar Pradesh, Saundarya Nair, has been chosen as the co-chair, along with American teenager Lilianne Asokwah. “Our excitement for this incoming class is immeasurable— we can’t wait to see the beautiful, powerful and daring things we will achieve,” Saundarya Nair and Lilianne Asokwah remarked on being elected as the co-chairs

Nair, who is passionate about Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Justice (SRHRJ), gender-based violence and women in sports takes an active part in multiple missions and projects based on contemporary issues. Creation of gender-safe spaces, cultural awareness, and financial independence for rural women have been her focus areas of work and interest. An enthusiastic public speaker, Nair has represented both Girls Up and Girl Up India in events ranging from The Pad Project's annual Bleed Green event to UNA-USA's InterGenerational MUN and YOUNGA's delegate training programmes. "Being a part of the Teen Advisor class of 2022-2023 was truly a momentous experience: we have never felt more accepted, understood, or appreciated. This program allowed us to not only grow our passion for gender justice, but also to fully understand the impact our voices can have. We now have lifelong sisters who will continue to inspire us in every aspect of life.” expressed Lilianne and Saundarya. The new board also includes Indian student, Pranavaa Giri, a passionate Girl Up Club leader and teen advisor. Her Girl Up journey started in 2021 when she started her club to advocate positive social change in the small city she resides. Giri is currently the school pupil leader at her school, president of Girl Up TIPSE, and an avid MUNer and speaker.

Pranavaa Giri member of the advisory board (Image - Girl up/website)

Commenting on the board, CEO of Girl Up, Melissa Kilby said, “These bold and brilliant teenagers represent the transformative power of youth leadership the Girl Up movement so fiercely embodies. Their passionate advocacy and unwavering commitment to gender justice are not only an inspiration to me but also to our global community of changemakers. Together, we will shatter barriers, drive meaningful impact, and continue creating a future where every girl can thrive.”


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