Police reveal photo of culprits who attacked Sydney’s BAPS temple

The BAPS temple had put out an appeal for peace following the incident.

Earlier this month, the BAPS Swaminarayan Hindu Temple in Rosehill, Sydney was attacked by vandals with anti-India graffiti inscribed on its walls. Investigation into the incident has led police to reveal pictures of the perpetrators, seeking more information that could lead to their arrests.

It was reported that the incident occurred close to 1 a.m. after which the perpetrators were seen fleeing the scene. Detectives looking into the case have shared images and footage of the incident in the hope of receiving help from citizens. The police urged them to come forward with information that could help them nab the culprits.

Police have published a photo of a car that was last spotted leaving the site of the incident. They think the passengers in the car might know anything that could help the investigation, or even have dashcam footage.

Superintendent Sheridan Waldau, the Cumberland Commander, expressed the hope that someone in the neighbourhood might have knowledge of something that might help in identifying the suspect or the vehicle. “We are also hopeful that the person, or the occupants of the car, will contact detectives as we believe they could have information crucial to the investigation,” Waldau said.

“Police rely on the support of the local community to provide information so it can be investigated, but it’s important to know that information provided will be treated with the strictest confidence,” she emphasized.

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