UK hires majority of healthcare workers from India

As per official data, the largest number of doctors, nurses and care workers in the UK in 2022 were Indian nationals

A new report by the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford revealed that Indian nationals made up the majority of the healthcare workers hired in the United Kingdom from 2022 to March 2023. The report published in June 2023 examines the role of migration and the impacts of immigration policy on UK’s healthcare workforce.

The report shows that in 2022, the largest number of doctors, i.e. 20 per cent, sponsored for UK skilled worker visas were from India, followed by Nigeria, Pakistan, and Egypt. Similarly, the largest number of nurses, i.e. 46 per cent, sponsored for UK skilled worker visas were Indians followed by those from the Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, and Zimbabwe.

According to the findings, Indian citizens topped the list of care workers using Certificates of Sponsorships in the UK in 2022 with 33 per cent, followed by Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and the Philippines. It highlighted that 99 per cent of the care workers sponsored for work visas in the UK in 2022 were from non-European countries.

As per the British government, Indian nationals were the largest recipients of the total worker visas granted by them for the year ending in September 2022, receiving 560,42 out of the total 145,258 worker visas dispensed.

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