Bhoomi Puja for Hanuman Temple in NJ

The new temple will be one of the first granite Hindu temples in the USA designed to last multiple generations.

A Bhoomi Puja (groundbreaking ceremony) for the construction of a Hanuman Temple, which will house a majestic 25 feet idol was recently held at the Om Sri Sai Balaji Temple & Cultural Center in Monroe, New Jersey.

The important event was attended by a large number of devotees, community members, and esteemed guests, including Counsul General of India in New York, Randhir Jaiswal.

To be built on a 11.2-acre site, the new temple will house a cultural center, that will cater to the spiritual needs of the community while cultivating a divine atmosphere. "With the inclusion of the Samuhika Parivara Devatha Samuham, the temple will provide a comprehensive spiritual experience for devotees of various deities," an official statement noted.

According to the statement the first phase of construction that features the Sai Jnana Mandir, along with a prayer hall, spacious classrooms, and a fully functional commercial kitchen is completed. The second phase divided into two, will first involve the installation of the Hanuman idol in a glass enclosure followed by the construction of a Garbha Gudi (sanctum sanctorum), a Cultural Center / Kalyana Mandapam (marriage hall), and a cafeteria.

"These additions will further enhance the temple's offerings and provide a space for cultural celebrations, spiritual gatherings, and community events," the statement read. "The project has garnered tremendous support from over 10,000 donors and devotees who have contributed to its realization. Their unwavering dedication and commitment have been instrumental in making this divine and spiritual project possible," it added.

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