Asfaq Syed appointed President of Naperville Public Library Board

Syed has roots from Hyderabad, India and is widely recognised for his community service.

Bhavana P

Ashfaq Syed, who has roots in Hyderabad, was appointed as president of the Naperville Public Library Board where he initially served as trustee until May 2023.

"Naperville Public Library has been named the No. 1 Public Library in the U.S. in the 100,000 – 250,000 population category for the last 10 years and has been a beacon of pride to the entire community", Syed said. Upon his appointment, he said, “I take this opportunity to thank the Board of Trustees of the Library for their confidence and trust reposed in me to carry this important responsibility".

Well-known for his zealous and dedicated community service Syed has been associated with many non-profit organizations in Chicago and Naperville area. He has collaborated with several grassroots community initiatives as well as the Indian Consul General sponsoring events for the lieutenant governor, members of Congress, senators, mayors, judges, and other elected figures.

In Naperville he has effectively supported the 2020 Census initiatives by organising online panel discussions, producing, and posting recordings of elected and community leaders. He was the deputy chair of the political participation committee of the Islamic Centre of Naperville of which he is still an active member. Syed declared that he would conceptualize and carry out numerous innovative activities to elevate the Naperville Public Library to new heights.

He praised the outgoing president, Jeanine O’Meara for her outstanding management and service to the Library Board. Nancy Hayes and Nick Guo were also chosen to serve as vice president and secretary of the Naperville Public Library Board, respectively.


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