UKIBC disappointed over restrictions on overseas students

The Council made clear that proposed restrictions will not put a cap on Indian students that can study in the UK

The UK-India Business Council (UKIBC) expressed its disappointment with the UK government’s decision to restrict international students from bringing their family members into the country as dependants on their student visa effective from January 2024,

According to the new rules, announced by the Home Secretary of the UK, Suella Braverman, overseas students other than those enrolled in research programs will no longer be eligible to bring their families with them. The decision was made in an effort to bring down net migration to the country.

Expressing its disappointment, the bilateral business group maintained that the new rules do not put limits on the number of Indian students that can study in the UK. “Though the restrictions are disappointing, it will not impact the Indian students what with figures showing that in the last full academic year of 2021-22, 126,535 students from India were studying in the UK, the second most of any nationality.”

The group highlighted the significance of hosting Indian students in the UK to boost bilateral relations and stressed on the progress made in recent years to expand student mobility and deepen academic collaboration between the UK and India.

Expressing its commitment to furthering the bilateral ties, the group said, "It was positive to see the Government reaffirm its commitment to the International Education Strategy which plays an important part in supporting the economy through the economic contribution students can bring to the UK."

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