No-confidence motion defeated in Lok Sabha after PM Modi’s speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s almost two-hour speech was heavy on criticism for the Congress and opposition parties, however, it also included his brief comments on Manipur.

Yasmin Tinwala

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on the no-confidence motion brought against his government by the opposition, on August 10. The motion was defeated in Lok Sabha after a voice vote was taken by the Speaker.

In his speech, PM Modi said that the motion has proved to be a good omen for his government in the past, and the opposition by doing so again has sealed the NDA-BJP party victory in the 2024 elections. He also predicted that when and if the opposition brings a third no-confidence motion against them in 2028, India will be among the top three economies globally.

Referring to the newly formed Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (I.N.D.I.A), Modi said that it was not an Indian alliance but Ghamandia (arrogance) alliance and that everyone who is a part of it wants to be the PM. “Opposition believes in changing names but they can’t change their work culture.”

Speaking in the Lok Sabha.

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) August 10, 2023

It is to be noted that the opposition majorly moved the no-confidence motion against the Modi government to ensure that the PM addresses the Manipur issue in the parliament. However, an hour into his speech, the Prime Minister had not touched upon it. It was after an hour and a half into his speech that he addressed the violence in Manipur.

Assuring the women of the state that the Nation is with them, Modi said, “Crimes against women are unacceptable and the Central Government and the State Government will work to ensure that the guilty are punished.” He also assured the government's efforts to put Manipur back on the track of development, as the development of Northeast has been his government's top priority.

PM Modi concluded his speech by emphasizing that the government had succeeded in laying strong foundations for advanced development in the country as India is projected to be fully developed by 2047. He further said that the country had emerged from worse situations as a unified unit and that political parties must not use the Manipur issue for petty politics. "We must emphasize the pain and suffering and do our best for recovery. This is the way forward," he maintained.

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