Vivek Ramaswamy proposes national holiday on election day

The Indian American politician suggested that election day as a national holiday, combined with paper ballots and voter id matching with voter files will help eliminate election interference and end complaints about election outcomes.

Yasmin Tinwala

Republican primary presidential race 2024 candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy proposed a solution to end voter fraud which he believes can be eliminated implementing single-day voting and declaring election day as a national holiday. The Indian American made the proposals during an event in his home state, Ohio and reiterated the same through a video he shared on his Twitter page.

“I just voted here on election day in my home state of Ohio. I was proud to do it and coming out of that voting booth, reflecting on how simple this was, it gets me a clear answer on how we move forward on the debates about election integrity in this country. I think there are serious concerns about ballot fraud across the U.S,” he said in the video.

According to Ramaswamy apart from declaring a holiday on election day, introducing paper ballots, single-day voting, and government-issued voter IDs can help address the issue of election fraud in the country.

“That’s it. And if we get to that place, I commit, that as the leader of the conservative movement, as the leader of the Republican Party, or as the leader of this country, I will lead all Americans to move beyond the debates and complaints about election outcomes or election interference,” Ramaswamy asserted.

While pushing for election day to be a holiday, Ramaswamy opined that Juneteenth and Memorial Day should be cancelled as holidays. His comments come almost two months after calling Juneteenth a “celebration of the American dream itself,” in one of his tweets.

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