Indian man in Florida killed in road accident

Mariappan Subramanian, 32, died in a tragic road accident in Tampa, Florida, recently.

To provide assistance to the grieving family of a Florida-based Indian American man who died recently in a tragic road accident in Florida, his friend and colleague started a fundraiser,  which has garnered immense support from the diaspora.

The victim, Mariappan Subramanian, who had recently moved to Tampa, Florida from Jacksonville was hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing. According to the GoFundMe fundraising page, Mariappan was following all road safety rules, while he was hit by the driver who‌‌ apparently jumped a red light.

32-year-old Mariappan is survived by his wife Krishnu and their four-year-old son‌‌ Rithvik. The duo live in India, and funds are being raised on behalf of Mariappan’s‌‌wife who is seeking support to help her family survive. At the time of this writing, the fundraiser has garnered support from 1,500 people who collectively donated US$ 65,774. The goal is set to $250,000.

Mariappan’s friends are working with local community groups in Tampa and‌‌ Jacksonville to help repatriate his body to India so that his family could give him a‌‌ proper farewell.

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