Dr Damodar Sahu appointed CGO of Data Safeguard Inc

According to the company's statement, Dr Sahu enables global partnerships on the cloud for data and engineering SaaS companies by combining marketing, business development, and sales efforts

Madhu Balaji

Indian origin Dr Damodar Sahu has been appointed as the chief growth officer (CGO) of the data privacy solutions provider, Data Safeguard Inc. headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

According to the firm's statement, Dr Sahu will contribute to the growth strategy of the company, keying in on marketing, alliances, partner ecosystems, investor, and analyst relationships across the globe, in line with current market and customer needs.

Sudhir Sahu, founder and chief operating officer (CEO) of Data Safeguard Inc, said, "Damodar’s passion for making a difference in the corporate and community world amazes me every day. His innovative and social approach to supporting customer and partner ecosystems is a perfect fit to lead our future global growth." Counting on his potential, the CEO added, "Damodar will contribute significantly to our company, our people, and our customers. I look forward to working closely with him to grow the company to greater heights."

A veteran with over twenty-five years of industry experience, Dr Sahu has served Wipro for over eleven years, working in various divisions and locations across India and the US. At Wipro, he is one of the founding members of its in-house Startups, AutoInsights, and Aftermarket Service Transformation.

Presently a resident of Michigan, Dr Sahu, completed his bachelor's in information technology (IT); and PGDBM program in business administration, management and operations from Amity University, India. He studied Digital Transformation at IIM-Calcutta and earned a PhD in Computer Science and IT from SunRise University, India.

An avid marathon runner, Dr Sahu advocates “The Chain Reaction of Giving,” and supports the education of the underprivileged in Odisha and mentoring young startups in his community and social activities.

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