Indian-origin Oxford Professor wins Frontiers of Science Award

The professor was chosen by the prize committee comprising several experts in the areas of theoretical physics, mathematics, and theoretical computer and information sciences.

Yasmin Tinwala

Siddharth Parameswaran, an Indian-origin professor at Oxford University’s Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics has received a Frontiers of Science Award at the First International Congress of Basic Science in Beijing, China.

Individuals working across 34 areas of mathematics, theoretical physics, and theoretical computer and information sciences are considered for the award. It is awarded to those with achievements “of the highest scientific value and originality” that have both had an impact on their areas and been accepted by scholars in the field.

Parameswaran and his colleagues, were recognized for their work in understanding the physics of twisted bilayer graphene built by layering two atomically thin sheets of carbon at an angle that causes quantum interference and leads to the formation of new phases of matter such as superconductors and magnets.

Speaking about the award, Parameswaran said, “It’s very nice to receive such recognition from one’s colleagues [the prize committee comprises several experts in the area], and particularly gratifying to receive it for a theoretical idea that has been directly confirmed by experiments. Most of all, though, it makes me reflect on what a privilege it is to work with junior researchers of the calibre of Glenn, Yves, and Nick – it’s wonderful that their contributions are being properly recognized already early in their careers.”


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