India, University of Houston establish hydrocarbon centre

The centre will provide reliable and high-quality information on exploration for research and development to stakeholders

Indian Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas India (MoPNG), University of Houston (UH) and Directorate General Hydrocarbon (DGH) jointly established a Center for Hydrocarbon Exploration at the University. The center was inaugurated  on July 7, 2023 by Pankaj Jain, Secretary of MoPNG in the presence of the university representatives and Indian officials.

To mark the opening of the new UH –DGH Center, UH Energy hosted an informative symposium on hydrocarbon basin analysis, policy shifts and hydrocarbon opportunities in India. Jain presented the opening remarks at the symposium while the executive director of DGH, Gautam Sinha made a policy presentation to Houston-based energy and petroleum companies.

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