US, India team up to address air pollution and climate change

The two sides have been working to address the issues of environment protection and climate change from local to global level through diverse initiatives.

In an initiative to strengthen the  US-India collaboration in environment protection and climate change, the United States and  Delhi-based nonprofit Lung Care Foundation (LCF) jointly sponsored  a workshop on 'Conversations on U.S. & India:  Actions for Clean Air and Better Health' at New Delhion June 1 , 2023. US Ambassador Eric Garcetti inaugurated the half-day workshop in the presence of civil society leaders, policymakers, educators, health care professionals, journalists, and private sector representatives.

Garcetti emphasized the need of a bold agenda to confront global climate change to safeguard global peace and prosperity while addressing the workshop.“There is no issue that is more fundamental to the well-being of all our peoples than access to clean air.  As Ambassador,  prioritize working with India to build green energy solutions and will support our growing bilateral effort to ensure a successful green energy transition”, he said.

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