Go Dharmic launches project to save Sundarbans

The project aims to plant two million mangrove trees in the West Bengal wetlands by 2025.

International charity Go Dharmic launched a project called, The Dharma Forest, to safeguard the Sundarban mangrove forest that spans coastal West Bengal and Bangladesh. The project aims to plant two million mangrove trees in the West Bengal wetlands by 2025.

According to the charity the project addresses the threat from climate change and destruction brought about by natural calamities  that looms large over the delicate ecosystem, leading to habitat destruction and submergence of coastal areas.

Go Dharmic is working with local communities to mitigate the threats posed by these factors to the Sundarbans through a restoration initiative, a release stated. The organization has planted over 200,000 mangrove trees over 100 hectares in the area.

“We are committed to showing what is possible when people come together to make change happen by helping to restore the environment and safeguard it for future generations,” said Hanuman Dass, Chairman and Founder of Go Dharmic.

As per a release, the plan of action followed for the Dharma Forest involves the cultivation of 500,00 mangrove saplings from seed at the dedicated nursery in the Sundarbans. Once they reach the desired height, the saplings are transplanted to the Dharma Forest in the deltaic island villages of Gosaba, Basanti, and Canning in West Bengal where the local communities care for these young trees.

However, the project faces a set of challenges including these plantations being accessible only through the waters infested by snakes and crocodiles, and other dangerous wildlife. Storms and floods pose an additional threat. To address the challenge, Go Dharmic has encouraged donations and extended invitations to join the initiative and help complete the goal of two million mangroves by 2025.

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