Saregama, Simantinee Roy team up to promote fresh talent

Creators are encouraged to send a cover version of any Saregama-owned song for a chance to feature on Saregama Open Stage's YouTube channel.

Simantinee Roy has teamed up with Saregama -- India’s oldest music label with a global presence-- to create a platform aimed at providing exposure to the fresh musical talent of South Asians residing in the U.S. and Canada. Apart from having their talent amplified, selected creators will also receive a revenue share, details of which are currently in the works.

The platform called Saregama Open Stage was launched in 2020. Creators were encouraged to send a cover version of any Saregama-owned song, and the shortlisted creations were uploaded on the YouTube channel which has 132K subscribers and over 4 million views, at the time of  writing.

With the recent collaboration with Roy’s platform Spotlife Studio, a digital marketing and music curation company, Saregama will now offer a chance for offshore talent to kickstart their musical career. Speaking about the tie-up, Roy said, "I get several messages from so many talents in North America who either want to be a part of a live show or want their work to be published and are looking for guidance. They want to know how to get their songs released by a label but they may not have the right point of contact. Having been a part of the music industry while based out of North America, I understand the nuances and challenges of this journey. It's slow and sometimes could be frustrating."

She further added, "I am fortunate to have worked with the best from the music industry on and offstage and having worked with Saregama directly on my prior releases, I knew this collaboration would provide a huge platform to our South Asian talents. Creators wishing to participate are encouraged to follow the submission procedures on Saregama Open Stage’s website.”

Simantinee Roy is a singer-songwriter and live performer who is trained in classical singing. She has been performing in the U.S. and Canada since 2007 and has been a part of 100+ live Bollywood concerts and tours since 2013.

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