Deep Indian Kitchen opens new restaurant in NJ

The restaurant will serve made-from-scratch recipes and serve as a hub for regularly testing innovative flavour combinations.

Deep Indian Kitchen, a revolutionary fast-casual restaurant concept and the rapidly growing frozen Indian food brand in the United States has opened a  new restaurant and innovation kitchen at its headquarters in Union, New Jersey.

The restaurant will serve made-from-scratch recipes to guests, while the innovation kitchen will serve as a hub for regularly testing innovative flavour combinations and formats, which will be introduced nationwide in grocery stores, an official statement by the brand noted.

"Deep Indian Kitchen's new restaurant features fresh new formats and products for consumers to enjoy in addition to our award-winning entrees, naan, and samosas. Our goal has always been to share the best and as much of India's culture through food as we can and our new Union, NJ location features our most innovative ideas in a digital-forward fast-casual concept," said Deepak Amin, president and CEO, Deep Foods. We're excited to help consumers explore more of India and see what they like best."

Deep Indian Kitchen's new restaurant endeavour aims to enhance the dining experience by embodying the essence of a traditional family kitchen while incorporating digital elements. Customers will have the opportunity to engage with a photography-based ordering kiosk that educates them about the cuisine and provides information about their choices. Additionally, an open kitchen will allow guests to witness the preparation of dishes with rich layers of flavour and the option to customize spice levels. The food will be cooked live over impressive 3-foot flames, adding to the immersive and visually appealing dining experience.

Deep Indian Kitchen's parent company, Deep Foods, was established by Bhagwati Amin in 1977 and has since evolved into the largest Indian Food company in the United States. Today, the company is owned and operated by three generations of the Amin family, with Deepak Amin, Bhagwati Amin's son, leading the way.

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