Nick Jonas acknowledges the ‘jiju’ tag

Nick Jonas also acknowledged hearing the 'nikwa' nickname given to him by Indian paparazzi's at a red carpet event in India.

Nick Jonas said he is often addressed as “jiju” in India, an endearing term in Hindi used to address a brother-in-law. The singer, who is the husband of Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra, acknowleged the nickname in an interview by Nikita Kanda for BBC Asian Network.

“We were just in Mumbai recently, my wife and I for the cultural centre, the Ambani’s opening, great event, and all the photographers on the red carpet were calling me jiju.” Jonas said adding that he has heard a few other nicknames given to him. During the interview, Jonas spoke about how it felt to be in India after a long time and his special collaboration with Indian musician King on the remake of the latter’s hit Maan Meri Jaan.

“This collaboration with King was just an incredible experience. Big fan of his and this song when I first heard it, absolutely loved it. He’s killing it right now as a musician who is just doing his music and not necessarily his songs for films. It is incredible to see what he’s built already for himself. So this song was a good first step and I think I’d love to do more collaborations you know even do songs for films if it makes sense,” Jonas shared.

In the track, the American singer sang a little bit of the hook line in Hindi and credited his wife Priyanka Chopra for helping him get the pronunciation right. “She produced that part of the track,” he said. Jonas also shared he had picked up on certain Hindi phrases in his five years of being married to Chopra, and that his tolerance for spice has become pretty solid. He also revealed another personal titbit saying he loves paneer and finished off the interview with a cute plug for Chopra’s Indian restaurant in New York City.

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