PM Modi appreciates Hiroshi Suzuki’s Indian street food videos

Hiroshi Suzuki and his wife shared a video of themselves savoring Indian delicacies like samosa, falooda, and misal pav, encouraging a response from PM Modi and several thousand retweets.

Japanese envoy to India, Hiroshi Suzuki, and his wife Satoshi appeared to be having a gala time trying out popular street food in India’s Pune city. The city boasts of a varied cuisine with the strongly-flavoured and much-favoured dish Misal Pav – a spicy curry made up of beans served with bread, right on top of the food list.

In the video, the Suzukis are seen savouring Indian delicacies like Vada Pav, Sabudana Vada, Falooda, samosa, sandwiches, chicken tikka, egg curry, and spiced guavas among other things. The two could be seen comparing their spice tolerance, and Madam Suzuki turned out to be the clear winner. “My wife beat me,” Hiroshi tweeted, alongside the video replete with comical music elements and emojis ‌adding to its entertainment value.

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