Suresh Garimella achieves significant research milestone

Only 7,000 researchers across the globe have been bestowed with a H-index of 100.

Mehak Luthra

Suresh Garimella, who was a faculty member at Purdue University in the School of Mechanical Engineering for 20 years, has achieved an H-index of 100. The H-index quantifies a researcher's publications and their citations by other scholars. An h-index of 100 indicates the author has at least 100 papers cited a minimum of 100 times each.

According to a University statement, with only 7,000 researchers globally reaching this level, Garimella is one of the select few Purdue-affiliated researchers to achieve this distinction.

Garimella established Purdue University's Cooling Technologies Research Center, dedicated to efficient heat dissipation in confined areas like semiconductors and microelectronics. A former student of his, Justin Weibel, currently leads the centre as its director.

“Nothing is more satisfying than to know that your work is being widely followed and is assisting in the development of new technologies and deeper understanding of physical phenomena,” said Garimella. “Fundamentally, it makes me deeply proud of the many graduate students and post-docs in our group who have contributed great work over the decades and are now enjoying successful careers as leaders in industry and academia. I am also grateful for the support of a variety of federal agencies and the 45 or so companies that have funded our work consistently over several decades. I am proud to see Justin Weibel taking the Center to new heights.”

Currently serving as president of the University of Vermont, Garimella still relishes the opportunity to conduct research. “I have always considered myself a faculty member first and an administrator second,” he said. “I continue to supervise a few PhD students, meeting with them regularly in Zoom calls and occasionally in person, and I must say it is among the most enjoyable and refreshing of my activities.  Each paper we work on and each patent that is issued for our discoveries continues to bring a thrill.”


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