Development a core issue for Global South, says PM Modi

PM Modi urged the participants of the meeting to not let the Sustainable Development Goals fall behind at the G20 Development Ministers’ Meeting

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi highlighted development as a core issue for the Global South in his address to the G20 Development Ministers’ Meeting on June 12, 2023 via video message.

Taking place in Varanasi under India’s presidency the high level meeting comes amidst mounting developmental challenges that have been further aggravated by economic slowdown, debt distress, impacts of climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss among other factors.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister highlighted the issues impacting the Global South and emphasized that it is the collective responsibility of the people to not let the progress in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) fall behind. He further added that the Global South must send a strong message to the world about the action plan required to achieve the development goals set by the United Nations.

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