Indian American community raises concerns with Rep. Ro Khanna

Ro Khanna is the first Indian American to lead the bipartisan Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans.

Supriya Singh

A coalition of Indian American civil society organisations recently met with Congressman Ro Khanna. The meeting was held ahead of Congressman  Khanna’s upcoming trip to India, during which he aims to highlight and discuss critical priorities for the region. 

Husnaa Vohra, representing the Indian American Muslim Council, expressed her deep concern about the threat to liberal democracy, pluralism, and human rights in India. “We stand as a diverse coalition of Indian American organizations, seeking to safeguard the fabric of pluralism and democracy in India, and urging Congressman Khanna to address ongoing violent acts and human rights violations,” Vohra said.

A spokesperson for the India Civil Watch India International stressed the importance of a democratic alliance against totalitarianism and sought the Congressman’s help in the matter.

Ria Chakrabarty of the Hindus for Human Rights urged Congressman Ro Khanna to embrace progressive Hindu values and support efforts to combat caste discrimination.

Prachi Patankar of India Civil Watch International raised concerns about extremist groups and urged the congressman to stay away from hate and misinformation.

The coalition presented diverse perspectives, shedding light on various concerns within the Indian American community. Congressman Ro Khanna expressed his unwavering commitment to upholding democratic values and human rights both within India and the United States. He fully recognized the concerns articulated by the coalition and wholeheartedly endorsed the imperative of fostering a pluralistic and democratic India. 

He expressed his desire to protect minority rights in India. Furthermore, Congressman Khanna underscored his dedication to these principles by proudly announcing his cosponsorship of the SAFEGUARD Act, which ensures that the protection and promotion of human rights are intrinsic considerations in the export of arms and defence services to foreign countries. 

Finally, the Congressman agreed to hold a public call with the coalition when he returns from India.


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